From every population near the coastlines of the world,
Waves of art and culture ebb and flow, cascade and whirl.

Their names, intoned, evoke misty, mental visions
Of characteristic costumes, customs, cadences and cuisines:
Thames, Seine and Amazon, Nile, Yangtze, Mississippi,
Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande and Riviera, Aegean, Caribbean, Mediterranean
Panama Canal, Polynesia, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Mexico, Horn of Africa
Bay of Bengal...Bay Area...Bering Strait...Baltic Sea...Bangkok...Bahia...

By oceans, oases, seas and streams; by sail, by ship, by other means,
By waterway, roadway, railway, airway, air waves, space shuttles, touchtone phones or World Wide Web,
Whenever we settle, tour, travel and trade, cultural currents conduct the cruise.
We contribute our cultures to those we encounter, and theirs inspire us, as well....

When cultural currents intermingle and flow, they forever reshape the human landscape,
Evoking Early Earth, before continental drift shifted into tribal rift.
Culture and art build beautiful bridges to connect communities; art can uplift.
Artists create contacts through color, texture, shape and line.
They harmonize with taste, tone and tempo; they relate through rhythm and rhyme.

In a flood of languages, symbols and spirit, cultures come closer.
Ideas emerge; imagination guides the navigation.
In a refreshing tide of trends, the tribe is transformed.
Riding in a variety of vessels, citizens sail in unison,
All en routes for a new Renaissance of the human race, a new vision of the New World.

We harness these currents of cross-cultural creativity to generate energy and innovation.
We steer clear of the islands of isolation and segregation.
We offer a safe harbor, where diverse people can arrive at unanimity
Through cultural manifestation and artistic revelation.
We represent a real vision: the New Wave of the New World.
We are Cultural Cross Currents.

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