Today's leading organizations are learning to ride the waves of change, by using the arts to plot the course of their transformation and institutional growth. Artistic and cultural events have become increasingly important navigational tools in this New World. As never before, performances and exhibitions connect people from varied communities as they share the well of diverse aesthetic experiences. The result is customer loyalty and revenue growth.

Cultural Cross Currents can provide the visionary insight to help your organization bring people together through culture and the arts. With a proven track record of cost-effective, sustainable initiatives, we represent the new wave of creativity in cultural consultation.

Cultural influences travel like waves on the ocean, via global transportation, trade, and satellite communications networks. They are apparent in the flood of contemporary artistic trends, fashions, etiquette, music, language and the rapid rate of change in our modern-day society. Depending on the winds, they can rush in a torrent, flow calmly, or trickle slowly, transforming the cultural environment in their wake.

Our world is becoming smaller. Globalized cultural influences are bringing us progressively closer. Art has the power to bring us closer as citizens of this New World.

Like the waters of the Earth, cultural influences flow from one location to another, from village to city, harbor to port, island to continent, generation to generation, and from one century to another. As technology evolves, cultural crosscurrents reveal the unity of humanity and bridge the distinctions caused by distance, geography, time and isolation.